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             The New World Tap Festival
                       Jan 18, 2015


We're very excited to announce our new venture:

The New World Tap Festival

This year we hosted a one-day festival dedicated to tap genres of North, Central, and South Americas. Our feet speak for our cultures and by bringing these diverse communities together, we'll make a rhythmic chorus that highlights our commonalities. This year this festival was one day only; our hope is to grow this into an annual event covering a full weekend.

One step at a time... isn't that how our feet make music?

How we got to Berkeley via Argentina...

Tango & More Argentine Dance was founded in 2006 to teach and perform dances of Argentina: tango, folkloric, & popular dances. Over the years, company founder Patricia "Gigi" Jensen, began to see Argentina's role in the context of Latin America. Argentine tango is sensuous but so are Peru's marinera or Mexico's danzón. As for bravado: Argentina's zapateo, the zapateado of Mexico, and rhythmic tap can share that brand of energy.

This New World Tap Festival is about tap in the New World - North, Central, & South Americas. Many of the dances share common ancestries. This year's inclusion of Spain's flamenco is a nod to the role Europe played as colonizers transplanted dance and music forms to new contexts. Tap is one of those dance traditions that highlights the common and the uncommon - the same and the different. It is in this vein we wish to share with you the opportunity to learn something of the footwork traditions of six cultures. And to make a joyful, rhythmic noise at the same time.

In addition to six hours of dance workshops, the teachers will share their personal stories and experiences in a panel discussion scheduled in the afternoon.

Los Sabores Rítmicos / Rhythmic Flavors, the evening dance & music concert featuring all our teaching artists and invited guest dancers & musicians, raised funds to benefit the International Center for Integrative Health, the organization that did so much to improve the last months of our dear colleague, Pampa Cortés.  He made a promise his doctor, Dr. Amy Matecki, to help with their efforts to improve the lives of patients like himself, and he's keeping that promise.