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          Group & Private Instruction

Argentine Tango Dance with Gigi & Warren Jensen

Gigi & Warren Jensen are share their love of Argentine tango as dance teachers and mentors.

They help you live your tango dance dreams by making sure you learn a solid foundation of dance skills both at the beginning and intermediate levels. 18 year veterans of tango dance, they put to good use their professional California state teaching credentials. And they're nice people.

No partner necessary. Leather soled shoes recommended. Ladies: Save your stilettos for dance parties.

Private instruction with the Jensens will move you to your dance dreams faster.

Whether you want a great foundation or cleaning up your current dance, they specialized in movement technique and partnering skills. They are famous for their kind manner and clear, organized teaching methods, remembering clearly their own first tango steps.

Prices:  1 hour = $80  /  4 hours = $280
Credit/debit cards accepted

Call for more info:  (510) 326-6415

Learn Argentine Tango or Vals Cruzado for your wedding dance.

Gigi & Warren have prepared several couples for their wedding first dance. They love it! Best done as a dance package, pricing includes coaching, staging, and music. Their success with beginners makes the experience satisfying and a great dance start to any marriage.

Price:  Wedding package 6 hours = $400
           Credit/Debit cards accepted

Call for more info:  (510) 326-6415

     La Peña Cultural Center
3105 Shattuck Ave
              Berkeley, CA

    2 1/2 blocks south of Ashby
    two blocks from Ashby BART
          on-street parking

Argentine Folk Dance with Gigi Jensen

   Gigi Jensen is available for private instruction
   in various Argentine folk dances. Chacarera
   and its variations, dances from the Andean region,
   and more! $80 private lesson for one person or
   one couple. Location is by arrangement.

   Call for more info (510) 326-6415

     Join us on Facebook.com/TangoandMore for great stuff about Argentine dance & music (open to public view). Or join our private group Spanish with Gigi Jensen. Or "like" us on both! Don't miss out on all the good stuff we post for you!


What makes Gigi & Warren Jensen special?

Trained by maestro Pampa Cortés, they teach an honest social tango upholding the traditions of salón style from the Golden Age of tango. Their focus is on smooth, elegant movement to express the beautiful tango music. They also teach vals cruzado and milonga.

Argentine Folkloric Dance w/ Gigi Jensen

Gigi performed with and was trained by Pampa Cortés, the famous Argentine dance star whose roots were in Argentine folkloric dance traditions.

For more info, call (510) 326-6415

Tango to Go
Escaping to Buenos Aires for the trip of a lifetime? Learn Argentine tango first and dance the night away in the tango clubs rather than just sit and watch. One-on-one time with our teachers will teach you social tango basics you will need to enjoy this most beautiful dance. Includes private instruction and traditional tango practice music.

"Rick and I arrived home yesterday from a wonderous trip to Argentina and Chile. We tangoed our hearts out in La Boca on the street... You would have been proud of us. We never tripped anyone up, didn’t feel embarrassed, and loved the experience... Thanks again to you and Warren for making the trip so memorable by teaching us the moves!" Gail Stephens

Wedding Preparation Package
Getting married and want to make your first dance truly memorable for you and your loved ones? Private lessons are just for you! Our teachers will help you create the all important "First Dance" tailored to your personality and skill level.

Now available: Pay for your classes by credit card! Visit our Tango Store to see what's available.